Teams: does your business need it?

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Managed IT

According to a recent survey, 4.3 million US employees work remotely at least half the time, and by 2028, three-quarters of companies expect to be partially remote. In light of this, it’s clear that remote and hybrid working situations are the future—and you must use the right collaboration software to adapt.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to new collaboration platforms. But one particularly useful option is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is a robust collaboration solution for organizations of any size. It provides a diverse set of features that enable teams to collaborate, communicate, and stay organized.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that comes as part of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. With the goal of making remote and hybrid workforces more efficient, Microsoft Teams helps teams communicate and collaborate quickly and easily. It has been tailored to work in modern offices, enabling collaboration and work-life integration. Teams enables teams to communicate and share content in real-time across any device.

Why your business needs Microsoft Teams

Working in a great team space is important for making creative decisions and communicating with each other. Shared workspace software makes this much simpler, especially when a particular team is situated in a large company, has many remote workers, or consists of many team members.

Collaboration solutions in real-time

A collaborative experience working on documents together using MS Teams is a breeze thanks to its real-time editing capabilities. You can create a group and work on Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents on separate devices in different locations, and then discuss and criticize the changes. This way, you will be able to keep the document’s overall quality and make comments as the project progresses. Microsoft Teams’ threaded conversations are also good for working on documents. In this case, the team members can see the whole discussion of the document’s content.

Integrate with SharePoint and OneDrive

You can easily share files with your colleagues using Microsoft Teams if you’re using SharePoint or OneDrive for Business on your network. To enable this feature, create a team site in SharePoint and share it with your team members. Users on your network can browse and view files from the site browser on team sites in SharePoint.  You can then upload your files from OneDrive or SharePoint to Microsoft Teams and share them with your team members. When you create a new file from Microsoft Teams, you can upload it directly into the application. By making a unified experience possible for groups working on a project, Microsoft Teams also makes it easier to find the file you’re looking for.

Increased productivity

Multiple messaging, workflow planners, and calendar apps can compete for a user’s attention across desktop and mobile environments, but they provide little help to businesses. By migrating to Microsoft Teams, previously separate services and essential features can all be in one place. This simple step can save your employees time and boost teamwork.

Take communication next level

Integrated messaging, calls, and video communications enable workers to stay connected with their workflow without any disconnects. Employees can keep in touch via phone, and the web (and can be integrated with a company’s phone network too).

Microsoft Teams Premium

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes—from small teams to large enterprises. It provides a variety of features that help teams communicate, collaborate, and stay organized. And Microsoft has taken these features and upped the ante with the full release of Teams Premium in February 2023, offering larger enterprises more control over the platform and their teams, with access to custom branding, improved security, and advanced analytics.

Improved collaboration

Microsoft Teams’ premium version provides advanced analytical tools and automated workflows that enable teams and departments to cooperate more efficiently. You can use these tools to track key tasks’ performance, identify improvement areas, and create more effective processes.

Even greater productivity

Microsoft Teams features robust tools to enhance productivity within your business. With the premium version of Microsoft Teams, you can utilize advanced analytics, automated workflows, and rich communication features to boost productivity.

Greater security

With Teams Premium, your company can keep private information on calls to keep intellectual property theft at bay and ensure data privacy compliance.

Microsoft Teams is the key to your business success

Get the most out of Microsoft Teams with the help of the Microsoft specialists at Aquarius IQ. We can help you choose which features and tools are best for you and then develop a strategy to meet your demands, to get the most out of this powerful communication tool.

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