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Remote office support

REMOTE WORKFORCE Remote access, VPN and other solutions If you are looking for help in providing remote access to your workforce or setting up remote offices with VPN-we can help. We have been configuring remote access for our clients for a long time. The tools have changed, but the approach is the same; provide secure and efficient remote access to the corporate network, while maintaining productivity. We can set up home-to-office VPN tunnels, configure remote desktop or configure full site-to-site VPN access.

Network maintenance

Our remote management tool provides real-time monitoring and alerting.

End-user security

Multi-factor authentication (MFA), remote access, VPN.

Cloud Services

Storage in the cloud, virtual machines, data migration to Azure cloud, Office365 email.

Antivirus and threat management

Deployment of fully managed AV and threat protection for users. Real-time notification

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